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SIMPSONS DID IT - 10 things The Simpsons did before they happened in reality

Looking at the world of fiction and popular culture... and things The Simpsons did before reality.

There have been so many episodes of The Simpsons that many jokes that have appeared on it have come true...

1 & 2.  Not All-You-Can Eat Seafood.

"New Kid on the Block" (November 1992) - Homer is kicked out of a All-You-Eat Seafood restuarant and sues for false advertising.
Reality has copied it, not once, but twice. 
May 2010 - David Martin sued A Ca-Shi because their $28 All-You-Can-Eat Sushi deal required him to eat the rice part of the sushi, not just the fish. [Read more...]
May 2012 - Bill Wisth protested and complained when he was kicked out of Chuck's Place during their All-You-Can-Eat Friday Fish Fry because he was eating too much, sharing his food and had run up a huge tab over time.  [Read more...]

3.  The Good Morning Burger.

"Bart's Best Friend Falls in Love" (May 1992) - features an advertisement for The Good Morning Burger.
And Goodburgers added one to their menu.  [Read more...]

4.  Siegfried & Roy's Tiger Attack.

"$pringfield (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling" (December 1993) - features a parody of Siegfried & Roy being attacked by one of their white tigers during a performance.
October 2003 - Roy was attacked by one of their white tigers during a performance.  [Read more...]

 5.  Homer's Car of the Future.

"Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?" (February 1991) - Homer designs a car so hideous that it bankrupts his newly found half-brother.
 February 2014 - A Wired article suggests many of the features now exist.   [Read more...]

 6.  Don Mattingly's hair.

"Homer at the Bat" (February 1992) - Montgomery Burns getting ringers for his baseball team, but them all being unable to play due to illness or injury except Don Mattingly.  Don Mattingly was stopped from playing because Burns hated sideburns, telling Mattingly to cut his or he was off the team.
August 1991 - a month after he recorded his part Mattingly, was benched because the Yankees decided that his hair was too shaggy and fined him $250 and $100 for each day his hair remained uncut.  [Read more...]

7.  The Baby Translator.

"Oh, Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?" (August 1992) - Homer half-brother designs machine that translates baby-speak into English.
May 2009 - Takara Tomy, makers of a Dog Translator, announced they were releasing a Baby Translator.
Also, there's an app for that.  [Read more...]

8.  Lead not Read.

"The Simpsons Movie" (2007) - President Schwarzenegger states he was elected to lead not read.
2011 - Republican Primary Candidate Herman Cain said: "We need a leader, not a reader."  [Read more...]

9.  Oops KKK.

"Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala-d'oh-cious" (February 1997) - During the live broadcast of Krusty's Komedy Klassics, Krusty notice an unfortunate thing about the show's initials... 
February 2015 - Krispy Kreme, Hull promoted its Krispy Kreme Klub on facebook as KKK Wednesdays... with the predictable results.  [Read more...]

10.  Michelangelo's David protest..

"Itchy & Scratchy & Marge" (December 1990) - Locals prepare to protest Michelango's David as pornography.  Marge refuses to join the protest.
July 2015 - Locals protest a copy of Michelango's David in a neighbour's yard.  [Read more...]

~ DUG. 
 All of these items and others appear at "Truly Fiction."

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