Friday, 2 January 2015

10 Pairs of Similar Films Released at the same time.

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Sometimes two very similar films are released in the same year... here are ten:

1964:  Accidental Nuclear War Showdown - Dr Strangelove vs Fail Safe.

  • Both based on novels, both films are about US Nuclear Bomber accidentally sent into Russia and attempts to stop them before it's too late.

1983:  Bond Film Showdown - Never Say Never Again vs Octopussy.

  • A legal battle over the rights to Thunderball led to Connery & Moore to go head to head as Bond.

1989:  Underwater Base Showdown - Leviathan vs DeepStar Six.

  • Two attempts to make an undersea Aliens... and not the only two that year.

1996:  Wiccan Showdown - Little Witches vs The Craft.

  • Catholic schoolgirls dabble in which craft in these two competing films.

1998:  Animated Insects Showdown - Antz vs A Bug's Life.

  • Dreamworks and Pixar and their ants go up against each other.

1998:  Earth Approaching Asteroid Showdown - Deep Impact vs Armageddon.

  • Two films about stuff coming to destroy the Earth and the US government's attempts to save us all.

2005:  Spelunking Scares Showdown - The Cave vs The Descent.

  • There are scary things down in the caves.

2010:  Animated Super Villain Showdown - Megamind vs Despicable Me.

  • This time Dreamworks and Illumination Entertainment faced off.

2013:  Apocalypse Party Showdown - This Is The End vs The World's End.

  • Don't you have it when the world comes to an end while you're at a party?

2013:  Abandoned Earth Showdown - Oblivion vs After Earth.

  • Turns out that when humanity leaves man isn't the most dangerous thing on Earth.

~ DUG.

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