Thursday, 25 December 2014

10 Christmas Posts

I do way too many blogs to follow, so here's the best posts from them.

It's Christmas, and I'm not writing a blog for today.  Instead here are 10 I've done previously.

1.  10 Truths about Chi-mas.

A tongue-in-cheek post about Christmas.

2.  Unmade SF - Doctor Who 2008 JK Rowlings Christmas Special.

The original plans for a Doctor Who Christmas Special.

3.  The Things You Didn't Know Challenge - Things You Didn't Know About Christmas.

Looking at one of those lists of things that you apparently didn't know, and seeing if you did.

4.  Slasher Film Rules - Silent Night, Deadly Night.

A film about a mass murdering dressed as Santa.  Joy, to the world.

A list of DVD I need to complete my collection.

6.  Doctor Who [0103] - The Unquiet Dead.

References to the classic Doctor Who in an episode set at Christmas with ghosts and Dickens.

7.  Doctor Who Christmas Special 2005 - The Christmas Invasion.

References to the classic Doctor Who in a Christmas Special that was made.

8.  The Christmas Movie Rules.

The rules that films about Christmas seem to follow.

9.  The Manic Pixie Dream Girl Rules - Elf.

The Christmas film Elf, and whether it follows the Manic Pixie Dream Girl films rules.

10. The Christmas Movies Rules - Elf.

The Christmas film Elf, and whether it follows the Christmas movie rules.

~ DUG.

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