Tuesday, 25 November 2014

RANDOM RULES - 10 Rules to Doctor Who

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Here's a reformatted, tidied and corrected version of the original post (which still exists here on the The Film Rules blog.)  The Film Rules a blog that looks at the rules followed by different genres of films.

Films aren't the only things with rules.  Television shows follow not only their genre rules.  But each show also has its own internal rules.

Here is my list of the new series of Doctor Who's internal rules...


The TARDIS is for arriving at the location of the story at the beginning of the episode and leaving at the end.  This is because Time Travel is the excuse for the story, not that the story is about.  Unless the episode is written by Steve Moffat, then it's definitely about Time Travel.

No one can cross their own Time Stream, except when they do.

There's no situation that can't be briefly defused by a non-sequitur.


The Doctor is both the most serious and most frivolous person in the room - any room - at the same time.  And he does that without becoming insane.  Mostly.


The last episode of every series must contain the Master or at least one Dalek.  Every time.  However briefly.


The main companion will be a young contemporary British female.  Although, to be
fair, almost everyone in the Universe is British and most things happen in contemporary London.


The more emotionless a species, cyborg or robot the more likely they are to be destroyed by emotions.  This is true of the Daleks.  It is particularly true of the Cybermen.


Even if the episode title contains the words "Dalek(s)" or "Cyberman/men" the presence of the Daleks and or Cybermen will at the beginning be treated as a mystery and their revelation a surprise.

The nature of the threat will be revealed to the audience before the Doctor.  The truth behind the threat will be unknowable by the audience until it is explained by the Doctor.

The most dangerous creature in any situation is the last of its kind.  This sometimes also applies to aliens other than The Doctor.
~ DUG.

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